Flourishing Crown

The concept of Flourishing Crown started when Rhoda the founder was attending a family wedding in 2009 and wanted to find a beautiful hair adornment to match her outfit. However, removing the hair accessory became a problem where it snagged and pulled out her hair. She was looking for good quality hair adornments that were gentle on her newly TWA and so the search began and Flourishing Crown was founded in 2018.

Flourishing Crown pride ourselves in providing quality and luxury hair adornments for all occasions to the natural hair community. We understand the length, time and energy women from the natural hair community go through to ensure that their hair is healthy and retains length; which is why we provide adornments that are kind and gentle to the hair strands and support the hard work each woman takes to look after their hair. So, whether your hair is thin, medium, thick, straight, kinky, curly, coily or locked, we are sure you will be able to find great adornments that will match your hair type and style.

We also provide specialist bulk orders of the French hair adornments for wedding favors, party and corporate gifts to cater to your needs. Get in contact for more details.

We are a small East London and Essex based family run business.

If you want to know more about what we have been up to, reviews on our products/services hair care and other small businesses, check out our blog page- This is the page we use to communicate to our customers far and wide.



Encouraging Afro-Caribbean women to truly love and accept their inner and outer beauty without any discrimination or limitation.


Accessorising and supporting the health of natural hair for all occasions, whilst cheer-leading the natural hair community.