Different Types of Water for Hydration

Just like the rest of the body, water is very important for the health of the hair and for hair growth. The right water balance for the hair is dependent of your hair, your health and your diet; but the main important thing is the hair needs to be hydrated at all times by getting regular moisture (water).

Many believe it is best to use distilled water as this water doesn’t contain harsh minerals, chemicals and elements such as calcium. Cities like London and New York (for examples) have very harsh elements in their water. If you are unable to get distilled water you can get water filters to remove some of the harsh elements or (worst case) boil the water before using.

We look at the benefit of three different types of waters for the hair which are ordinary (distilled) water, rose water and rice water.

Benefit of Water:

Water makes up about 60-70% of our body, so maintaining the right level of water in the body is very important for ultimate health and functionality.

Intake of water is important to flush out harmful toxin from the body, aid in digestions and supports the flows of oxygen and nutrients around the body and hair. Water makes up about 80% of the lymphatic system which helps to lubricate the joints and cartilages in the skeletal system and aids in warding off infection; through sweating, water helps to regulate the body temperature when the body overheats (in hotter climates, sickness and during exercise). Water can help to regulate the blood and the blood pressure, as water is made up about 90% of the blood. The more water the blood has, the more the blood is diluted and this can lower the pressure, and less water means the blood is more concentrated and may increase the pressure. Water is excellent for brain function as it is a key component of the cerebrospinal fluid, as it is an important element for the neurotransmitters and hormones. A long period of dehydration may decline in brain functionality and can cause a headache.Water can lower the protentional life-threatening risk of Urinary Tract Infection (UTI), aid the health of the kidney by lowering the risk of kidney stones, bladder infection and other chronic kidney diseases. For those looking for youthful, plumping, collagen filled and elasticated skin; drinking plenty of water will help you stay looking young and youthful for longer and help prevent premature ageing as it slows down the signs of fine lines and wrinkles. Mineral water helps to keep the skin hydrated, distribute the oil in the skin and build a barrier on the skin that is harder to break through by the sun, hence reducing sun damage.



Water carries (through the blood) essential nutrient to the scalp, hair root and follicles which nourishes the hair. A dehydrated hair can dry out the hair shaft and a dry hair shaft can lead to split ends, breakage of the hair and dry and brittle hair. Water can remove toxin from the hair and scalp through sweat and hair wash. Water also helps to carry and distribute sebum (the natural oil the scalp produces for the hair) to the hair strands which helps to reduce frizz, tangles and knots on the hair.


It provides the hair with flexibility and elasticity which provides movement and decreases breakage

Best, easiest and cheapest way to provide moisture (as water is moisture). Moisture then keeps the hair hydrated. Hydrated hair means that the hair is not dry as dry hair causes brittle breakable hair.

Rose Water

Rosa damascene is the scientific name for rose. Roses can be found all over the world in different varieties and colours and the flower tends to be the symbol for love. The petal can be used for many different things such as food, beautiful bouquet and be pressed, boiled to make oil, essential oil and water.  The water has been know to be use for cosmetic practices back to the ancient Egyptian times.

Rose water is distilled water with the benefits and the scent of roses. You can either buy rose water or make it yourself.

To make rose water, all you need is fresh scented rose petals (washed under water) placed in a pot of distilled water. Boil on medium heat until the colour of the petals changed, let it cool and poor in a bottle or a jar. Store it in a cool dark place.

If you buy rose water make sure that you check the ingredient for any harsh chemicals and preservatives.

Benefits of Rose Water:

Helps to reduces dandruffs as rose water is a mild astringent

The scent from the water is soothing and calming which may help left your mood

Leaves the hair softer, bouncier and fuller

It has antibacterial and cleansing properties which are beneficial to hair, scalp and skin (helps to heal cuts burns and other type of skin wound). This is great as rose water can be used on any hairstyles especially braids/plaits and twists (this helps with those busy days when wash day can be delayed by a day or two).

Rose water helps to stimulate the scalp and follicle cells which promotes hair growth and reduce hair loss.

Contains vitamin A, C, D, E, and B3, these strengthen the hair.

It fights against again for the scalp, the follicle cells and overall skill conditions (such as: eczema) as rose wated is packed with flavonoids, tannins, and antioxidants.

PS: When I was sick I was unable to wash my hair  for about 2 months (I wash my hair at least once a week or twice a week if I swim or exercise- this is every often) after undergoing a major surgery. Rose water was my hair saviour as my scalp never itched and the rose water helps to freshen and hydrate my hair (please remember that this was an emergency measure and not a permanent solution as hair and scalp needs frequent cleansing to provide the ultimate atmosphere for growth and health) 

Rice Water

Rice water treatment for hair is a practise done in Japan, China and Southeast Asia since around the 794CE (the Heian Period) and has now grow in popularity in the West.

Rice water is the starchy watery left over from cooked or soak rice.  This water contains many vitamins and minerals such as: Vitamin E, antioxidants, amino acids and the B vitamins.

Benefit of Rice Water

It is believed that rice water helps to detangle the hair whilst providing shine

Rice Water makes the hair smoother, stronger whilst promoting growth (due to good blood circulation to the scalp). Inositol is contained in rice water; a Japanese research facility suggest that inositol have a strengthen effect of the hair. It creates a coat around the hair strand.

Adds volume and repairs damage hair especially split ends.

PS: When I worked at a sixth form college in North London, a young lady asked my opinion on what products to use to help grow her natural hair. As we were discussing this, a young Chinese student decided to interject himself to our conversation, to highly recommend rice water. He informed us how his female family members uses rice water and how long and beautiful their hair grew. 

Coconut Water

Coconut water is the juice from a young green coconut (mostly, however, mature coconut can also contain the juice) which is growing on a palm tree. Palm trees can be found in tropical climates and areas such as the Caribbean, Africa and Asia. The Latin name for coconut is Cocos Nucifera and it is considered a fruit rather than a nut despite its name. Pure coconut water contains about 94% water and very little fat content. Coconut can take up to a year to mature and coconut can be considered young from around 6 months of growth.

As well as having most of the benefits of normal water for the body listed above, coconut water is also boosting the immunity and the metabolism which can aid in weight loss. For pregnant women, it can help with hyperemesis gravidarum (morning sickness) and heartburn. Coconut water can help to reduce stress and anxiety when consume before bed as the sweet fragrance slows down your heart rate and reacts to your psychological senses. Also, coconut water contains antioxidants, which help to regulate free ridicules and helps the body fight against diseases and organ damage especially of the liver. Coconut water can aid in reducing the glucose, insulin and haemoglobin levels in the blood, which can help to regulate prediabetic and diabetic patients (type 2 diabetic) sugar level; it is rich in magnesium which can lead to sensitivity to insulin.

Coconut water reduces cholesterol and triglyceride levels and therefore aiding in the health of the heart. It also contains arginine, which is great for a healthy heart and aiding in the healing of the body tissues after exercise. Cytokinin is a hormone that helps to fight cancer and have anti-ageing properties; cytokine is found in coconut water, but there haven’t been any significant studies that support coconut as a good source of fighting or reducing cancer or cancer cells.


Coconut water contains many minerals and vitamins such as amino acid which helps to keep the hair cells strong, promotes growth (due to the antibacterial fatty acid of lauric acid that moisture the hair strands) and gives the hair a thicker appearance. It also hydrates the hair, which helps to soften the hair and keeps it silky and helps to tame the frizz. Coconut water is a lightweight Hydrator that helps to nourish the hair without its weight the hair down. It also has antiseptic properties that help to fight dandruff and dry scalp. Due to coconut water containing potassium, it means it can nourish the hair and prevent hair loss.



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