Most Important for Healthy Growing Hair


Water is paramount for hair growth and retention and it is key for reducing breakage and brittle hair. When the hair strands are hydrated, they are flexible, stronger and has a lot of body and volume, therefore reducing breakage and split ends. Moisture is water, and water only. Oils, creams and butter are not moisturisers nor moisturising (although a lot of creams and butter may contain water in their ingredients) but are devices to hold the water on the hair stands.


Diet is important for hair growth and health. As the saying goes: you are what you eat. Same as your hair. It is all well and good finding the right product to put on the hair, but if the foundation is weak, then there isn’t a product in the world that will provide you with a healthy hair. Our hair roots are internal so therefore, we must look after our internal body for good results to show on the external.


Hair styles are great for looking good and boosting confidence, but they can be excellent for hair growth. Some hairstyles can slow growth or worst damage hair. Styles tend to be trial and error and experimenting to find one that you like as well as promote growth. Each head of hair is very unique and what works for one person might not work for others. The most important thing about any hairstyle is to make sure you still look after and maintain your own hair. Whatever style you choose, make sure you are able to still maintain the health and wellbeing of your own natural hair.


Exercise can provide better blood flow to the scalp and the root of the hair. Plus, it is an excellent way to look after your body as a whole and releases stress reducing hormones.  Remember the blood contains all the nutrients the body and hair needs. Any form of exercise will warm and loosen the blood up which creates better flow throughout the body; however, cardio tends to be the most effective as it increases the heart rate which means good pumping of the blood to different parts of the body. Different forms of cardio: running, swimming (excellent at protecting the joints), walking, team sports (such as football/soccer, netball/basketball, ruby/American football, rounder/baseball, etc.), tennis, skating, dancing, etc. Remember that bloods also aid in repairing the body.

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